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American Eagle - Square Magnet

American Eagle - Square Magnet

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Determined American Eagle presents a close-up, pencil sketch of an eagle, the iconic symbol of America. The meticulous rendering captures the intensity of the eagle's gaze, projecting an aura of fierce determination and indomitable strength. This artwork embodies the spirit of a strong, resilient America, standing firm in the face of challenges.


Enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces with our classic square magnets. These durable and versatile magnets come printed with high-end UV-resistant inks.


- Available Sizes: 3" x 3" and 5" x 5"

- Use: Indoor and Outdoor

- Material: Robust, flexible, and suitable for vehicle applications

- Print: High-end UV-resistant inks for vibrant, long-lasting color

- Finish: White base with a matte finish

- Texture: Unique stipple print texture

- Color: Bright, crisp colors

- Shape: Classic square

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