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Capitol UFO - Square Vinyl Stickers

Capitol UFO - Square Vinyl Stickers

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Capitol UFO captures the essence of the year's strange events and the fascination with the unexplained. A UFO hovers over the U.S. Capitol, bringing a surreal twist to a familiar skyline. It's a cheeky nod to the headlines, blending the mystery of the unidentified flying objects with one of the nation's most recognizable landmarks. This piece playfully explores the unknown and the extraordinary, making it an engaging conversation starter.


Express yourself uniquely with our Square Vinyl Stickers. Made from premium printable vinyl, these stickers are perfect for smooth, flat surfaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


- Available Sizes: Five options to choose from

- Use: Indoor and Outdoor

- Material: Premium printable vinyl with a grey, adhesive back

- Print: Latest printing techniques for bright, crisp colors

- Finish: Glossy, enhancing color reproduction

- Durability: Long-lasting with permanent acrylic adhesive back-side

- Color: Vibrant colors from your selected designs

- Shape: Classic square

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